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Once upon a time...

«If one person dreams alone… It is only a dream. When many people dream together… It is the beginning of a new reality.» - Friedensreich Hundertwasser -

This is it!!! All bets are off!

Thanks to you, yes YOU !!!! We have succeeded!

Thanks to your encouragement, your enthusiasm, your word of mouth and your donation, our project Agroforestry THE SOLUTION will be able to move forward! The dream is coming true!

We have given everything, sometimes doubted, thought a lot, not slept a lot, sweated body and soul, struggled, persevered, laughed a lot too, sometimes cried… in short, a rollercoaster of emotions has shaken us for 45 days.

Let’s ALL be proud of ourselves, every stone we put in the building made a difference.

This success represents a better future for many people and a breath of life for the forests around us!

Once again, THANK YOU, sincerely, for having accompanied us throughout this epic journey!

We are looking forward to honouring your contributions and putting this project in place. The first working meetings will take place in November. Until then, we need to take a break from social networks.

You can continue to follow the implementation of the project on our IG or FB account @RESILIENTAGROFORESTRY

BRAVO to all of us! ❤️

«Man should be the guardian of nature, not its owner»


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