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Resilient Agroforestry

 Regrow Bigger and Stronger! 


Our Organization

Resilient Agroforestry is a 25 acres of property located in the municipality of Ipojuca, 37 miles from Recife, State of Pernambuco, in the Northeast region of Brazil.


We aim at the agro-ecological production of food with high nutritional value grown in harmony with nature without chemicals. Our goal is also to share knowledge and our values in order to create a positive long-term impact on nature and local communities.

Our Mission

Our mission aims to promote the recovery and conservation of natural resources through the improvement and expansion of agroforestry practices.


Our Vision

Our long-term vision is to increase the overall quality of life, biodiversity, improve soil fertility and preserve the Mata Atlântica (Atlantic forest).

Our Team


Marcio Baptista – 39, Switzerland

When I arrived in Brazil, I was amazed by the beauty of the coastline, the richness of the rainforests but shocked by the extreme poverty and pollution of the cities. This contrast with the discovery of Ernst Götsch's work inspired me irreversibly.

Ex-bank employee, now in continuing education in agroforestry, I have been applying the principles of permaculture and agroecology in Brazil for 3 years now on my property in order to produce healthy and nature-friendly food. I am proud to propose this project that raises awareness in a positive and constructive way, encouraging people to participate in dependable and regenerative solutions for life as a whole!

Jana Dos Santos - 21, Brazil

Her parents fought for the right to an area of land with the hope of living better. The reality is that they work every day in extreme conditions to try to support themselves, but after 6 years of struggle, they still don't have running water.


"I can't see myself going back to the city, it's dangerous, and everything is expensive and polluted. Besides, there is no work. When I heard about AF and understood its potential, I knew there was still a chance to make a 100% living from agriculture, to offer a better life to my parents and also to create my own job. Being part of this project is a miracle for my family and myself."


Marisa Baptista – 36, Switzerland

During the many trips I have made so far, I have had the chance to discover wonderful places, lush nature and endearing people. But all too often, I am saddened when I see the lack of awareness, knowledge and training, which in turn, wreaks havoc on the environment, not to mention the health of the farmers.


In order to counteract precariousness, damage to the soil and global warming, I support this project with enthusiasm and am convinced that it will have a beneficial impact on the planet and its inhabitants.

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