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10 benefits of agroforestry systems

An interesting proposal in the perspective of diversification in production are the agroforestry systems (SAF's).

In these systems, the presence of tree species results in reduced exposure of the soil to solar radiation, protection of the soil against erosion, and intensification of nutrient cycling.

In agroforestry systems, you can associate agriculture and livestock with tree species, resulting in the conservation of natural resources and obtaining food and wood.

1. Improved water balance;

2. Increase in the absorption capacity of the soil;

3. Increased water infiltration, thus reducing the risk of erosion;

4. Decreased emergence of invasive plants;

5. Stimulates biological activity;

6. Sustainability of the productive system;

7. Increased plant and animal productivity;

8. Direct techniques for rational use of soil and water;

9. Diversify the production of food;

10. Stimulate the use of species for multiple uses.

This short animation explains it !


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